Gestion des RATF for ArcGIS

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Application to create numeric files required in the MFFP register. 

Gestion des RATF 
For ArcGIS 10.x is an application that enables the entry and the creation of all numeric files necessary to do the financial and activity report (RATF) required by the Ministery of Forests, Wildlife and Parcs (MFFP).

The creation of files can be made from existing data or an empty structure. 

Features of the application are :

The creation of Shapefiles and DBF tables
The edition of Microsoft Word files (DOC)
The creation of PDF files
The creation of justificative pieces in Excel format (XLS)

Gestion of RATF contains also an interface that enables the entry of descriptive information in shapefiles and DBF tables. The code tables of the MFFP are integrated in the interface, which avoids tapping errors. 

A function allows to enter the values on many registering, and this without opening an editing session. 

         SHP Layers                          DBF Tables                   Results and follow-up                    

Edition of Tables


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