Wireless charging mounts

Wireless mount
Wireless mount
Cup-Holder c1
Wireless mount
Cup-Holder Back
Wireless mount
Cup-Holder c2

GSF Wireless Charging Mount

Allows wireless charging
Slide your device inot the cradel and the device will start charging
  • Your device must have this feature
  • The mount must be connected to power (USB cable inclued)
  • Option USB cigarette lighter adapter
  • two models availables

For BV6000
8.3 cm width
14.5 cm to 17cm lenght
1.7cm Depth (device thickness)

(Compatible with BV6000, BV4900, BV6600 without wireless)

For BV9500
8.3 cm width
14.5 cm à 17cm lenght
2.3 cm depth (deive thickness


Other base

Succion cup


Round plate